Exiting McDiarmid Park this afternoon

Saturday 19th August

With another home match today, we’d like to ask supporters who park within the confines of McDiarmid Park for their patience and understanding at the end of the match as our staff facilitate as quick an exit as possible.

We do understand that being held in a queue is a frustrating experience, particularly if it is perceived that other lanes appear to be moving quicker than yours and we do acknowledge that it was a long wait for some after last week’s game against Motherwell.

Alterations have been made to the exit process for today in an attempt to speed things up and the situation will be monitored again to see if further changes are required.

However, we would urge supporters to understand that there is no getting away from the fact that the process of decanting around one thousand cars from one car park onto one of the busiest junctions in Perth will take time and with no guarantee that Police Scotland has the resource to assist the process of exiting onto Crieff Road, patience will be required . Both east and west gates will be open at the end and once pedestrians have cleared to ensure their safety, two lanes will operate on both roads.