Revised arrangements for Ormond Stand users

St Johnstone FC wishes to advise Saints families who were planning to use the SSE Ormond Family Stand at tomorrow’s game of a significant change in arrangements.

Due to a burst water main at the rear of the North Stand which cannot be repaired ahead of the match, the North Stand will be closed. Aberdeen fans will therefore be accommodated in the South Stand.

The knock-on effect of this is that, regrettably, the South Stand will be unavailable to Saints-supporting families. Those affected by this are very welcome to use either East or West Stands for this game with the £16 family deal normally available in the Ormond Stand now available at turnstiles 1 and 2 in the West Stand and 17 in the East Stand.

Stewards will be on hand to provide assistance if required and we apologise to those inconvenienced by the unavoidable loss of the family facility tomorrow.