Jack Henderson (Christchurch, New Zealand)

My name is Jack Henderson, I currently live in Christchurch, New Zealand, I have been a Saints supporter all 26 years of my life. I am lucky to have witnessed so many great games, beating Rangers 2-0 at Ibrox, winning the challenge cup at Dens, beating Morton to gain promotion to the Premier League and the Scottish Cup final win over Dundee United to name a few, but the best game I have been to is without doubt the away trip to Rosenberg. To see Saints play in Europe is always enough to stand the hairs on the back of my neck up and to see them against such an illustrious club was so surreal. My best friend Nick had a bet riding on the game to earn him £3500 which came in, this, the 1-0 win and to see Saints match if not outmatch such a giant club made me so proud to be a Saintee. I was so glad to be part of that 500 strong crowd penned into the corner of the Lerkendal stadium which made the noise of 10500 and it is a memory that will live with me all my days. Living so far away makes it tough to keep up with Saints live, however, I do my best to stream the game when possible and watch it live on TV. When they are on a roll and winning week in week out, its the best start to the day, waking up and checking Livescore to see the result then waiting impatiently on the interviews and highlights. Its far from ideal not seeing them week in week out, but as soon as I can I check the score and get on the phone to my dad to ask how they played. No matter how far away I am I will always be a Saintee and proud of it too.

Ben Gudmundson (New Zealand)

My name is Ben Gudmundsson (26) and I'm living in New Zealand at the moment. Only been away for 6 months but the only thing I'm missing from Scotland is St.Johnstone. Every morning I check the Internet for the latest news and checking YouTube for the highlights. I miss going to away games with the guys. I'm lucky to have seen Saints lift the Scottish Cup before I left! I also have lots of other great memories as I went to lots of games home and away - too many to mention! Coys!!!  

The Sinclairs

My wife elaine and I have lived in brisbane australia for almost 16 years, we are both very keen saintees , i sit up to all hours if they are on the telly or check the result first thing in the morning  , elaine used to go to all the games with her dad jock davidson while I had various adults to give me a lift over uncle iain and his pals mostly .Saints went through there worst spell at the time my mate jimmy "emva cream " rattray and I used to follow them to all the high class dumps , east stirlingshire , stirling albion, cowdenbeath , strangely we always had a great time .Elaine reckons her favourite memory was andy brannigans overhead equaliser at alloa that fired us back into the bigger time while i just remember the hamburg game ,and the 3-3 cup game with rangers was brilliant ,the cup semi final win over aberdeen , and ultimately the cup final win over united are unbeatable memories .our first purchase when we arrived in oz was a dog which was called brogan and we are breeders of saints ..... st.bernards that is .I have included a photo of buddy our youngest saint , it was taken on the day of the cup final