Guillaume Cameron

My name is Guillaume Cameron and I have been a Saints supporter all my life.  I now live in Vancouver Canada and have been here the last 8 years.

Basically St Johnstone are part of my family history, my great great grand father and great great uncle both played for St Johnstone (Johnny Cameron around the early 1900's and Alexander Cameron) and I think Johnny Cameron was one of the most capped St Johnstone players.  There is actually a picture of him on page 16 of the Manifest Destiny book.  I have a gold medal presented to the family from St Johnstone for Johnny's service to the club here with me in Vancouver.

My first game was at Muirton Park when I was around 4 years old I think it was against Airdrie but not quite sure I just remember being cold more than anything else.  I remember McDairmid being built and I have an old photo of me in front of it still a building site.  I really followed the team during the mid 90's and that are where some of my best memories lie. Some of the stand outs for me are as follows.  I was at the 5-0 game against Aberdeen and remembering how my dad was in such disbelief of what was happening.  I watched George O'Boyle scoring that 40 yard lob against Motherwell with a perfect angle of it just sailing in.  I remember a really cold night in January 96 when Saints played Greenock Morton when they were going head to head for promotion at that point and Saints coming away with a 6-1 victory which was just so unexpected.  Attila Sekerlioglu was a total favourite of mine I dunno if it was the yellow boots or his mad hand wave celebration at the end of a win, or the tannoy announcers moment of sheer terror when he came across his surname.  I went to Monaco to see them play which is one of the best times I have ever had

Of course as any Saints supporter the Cup Final was a stand out for me.  My dad had passed away in April just before the Aberdeen game and I had just been home so to come back again it was a really strange victory for me.  For all the years my dad supported St Johnstone and for him to miss them going to the final it made things that bit harder.  I had to come back to Canada for the final but my wife gave me one of the best surprise of my life with organising one of my best friends coming over from Scotland to see me and to watch the final with me.  Coverage of Scottish football is not all that great here in Canada so I had to come up with a laptop hooked to my internet going through my TV to watch the game.  We were up at 6 am local time to watch the game and by 9 am we had cracked the champagne.  I have just finished reading "Our Day in May" and for all the quotes of destiny and people watching over the team, for me it was my old man  on that day.  As soon as I saw that free kick come off the bar in the second half for Dundee Utd, I knew there was no way Saints were not winning that game even if the played 100 games.

To follow Saints over here it's fairly hard.  Mainly I get my highlights from Youtube and follow the games live feeds on twitter.  I follow all the fan sites and the fan twitter pages for up to date information so in terms of news I feel that I might be a bit more up to the minuet than folks back home.  

As you can tell Saints are a passion for me and it's something that I miss most about being away from home.  I have a 4 year old my self now and not being able to take him to a Saints game every other week is again a big regret but we'll make sure he gets over there at some point and hopefully maybe be able to get him to be a mascot.