20k Lotto Winner

20k Lotto Winner

7th May 2021

20k Lotto Winner

The latest big money with the Super Saints Weekly Lotto received her cheque this morning and told us how she nearly missed out on the bumper jackpot!

The Perth-based winner wishes to remain anonymous but she purchases a ticket from a local agent every week and got a pleasant surprise on Wednesday afternoon when she received a phone call to say that she’d won £20,000!

“It was a shock – but a nice one” she told us.

“I was feeling a bit under the weather after getting my COVID vaccination, so it was a great pick-me-up.”

She also revealed that she came close to making a decision which would have cost her the big cash prize.

She said “I’ve played the same set of numbers for a long time and I recently said to my husband that I was thinking of changing them to try and improve my luck.

“He said “don’t do that because nothing’s surer than your old numbers will come up”!  I’m really glad I took his advice!”

The winner hasn’t given too much thought to how she might spend her windfall but does know that treating her family in some way is definitely on the agenda.

Our £20,000 winner comes just five months after another Perth lady won £25,000 and there have also been £2,000 and £6,500 winners in between.  Further proof that the Super Saints Weekly Lotto regularly provides local winners of big cash prizes.

The jackpot is now back at £2,000 – still a nice amount – and you can buy your tickets from agents across Perthshire or if you would like to join the increasing band of players who play every week and pay by quarterly standing order then please email paulsmith@perthsaints.co.uk 


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