CLUB STATEMENT | Super Saints Weekly Lotto

With the additional restrictions on movement announced by the Government last night, the St Johnstone FC Facilities Association has made the difficult decision to suspend the Super Saints Weekly Lotto for the next few weeks, such suspension being permitted under the terms of the Constitution of the St Johnstone FC Facilities Association and the Association having fulfilled its obligation under its licence to inform the Gambling Commission of such suspension.

Notwithstanding the closure of many agents, the Association is unable to argue that the collection of tickets and money from agents across Perth and Kinross is an ‘essential service’ and with the weekly collection of such tickets from our wide range of valued agents across Perthshire for the draw due to take place on Wednesday 25th March only partially completed, the suspension of this week’s draw is the fairest outcome. Upon the lifting of the travel restrictions, the remaining tickets will be collected in the normal manner and all tickets, including those already collected/submitted prior to today, will be included in the first available weekly draw.

The Association will make direct contact with the participants who play the game by Standing Order to let them know how this suspension will be dealt with in terms of the funds already received from them.

It is regrettable that at a time when the Club needs all the financial support available that we have had to make this decision but we trust that supporters and players of the Lotto will understand the practical issues which we have faced.

With the devastating effect that the current shutdown of Scottish football is having on all clubs, the financial support afforded to the club by the Super Saints Weekly Lotto is going to be more vital than ever for quite some time to come and we are very heartened by the number of fans who have contacted the club to seek to begin or expand their commitment to the weekly Lotto – it is hugely appreciated and will be much valued going forward once the draws recommence.

If you would like to play the game with the same set of numbers each and every week and pay by simple quarterly Standing Order then please download the application form HERE or email to have the form emailed to you. That email address can also be used for any queries agents or players may have about the lotto at this current time.

The list of agents who support the club by way of selling tickets can be found here: and we would ask you to support the businesses who support the club in this way.

Thanks for your continued support.