Q&A | #AskAli

The second player taking part in our social media Q&A's with supporters is Ali McCann and yesterday we asked you to get your questions in for #AskAli!

We've selected the best from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and put them to Ali today - here are his answers...


The question on everybody's lips comes from Jonny Taylor on Facebook...

Q: Who would win in a St. Johnstone Royal Rumble?

A: "Not me anyway! I wouldn't want to mess with big Zander or Gordy. In fact, I'd be hiding behind one of them!"

(Question from Kai Ali on Instagram) Q: Who is the best dressed?

A: "There are not many to be honest! Jason Kerr's not bad so I'd probably say him."

(Question from Sam Porritt on Instagram) Q: Who has impressed you most in training?

A: "Cal Hendry always looks good in training. He's a great finisher and has a good touch."


Ben Gudmundsson on Facebook asked, Q: What's been your favourite moment of the season so far?

A: "There has been a few for me but I'd say scoring the winner away at Hamilton late on.

"It was a big game and of course it was my first goal for the Club so I'd pick that one above the rest."

BBC Off the Ball's very own Stuart Cosgrove, a well-known Saintee, asked on Twitter, Q: If you could acquire the skills or attributes of two team-mates to improve your game who and what would it be?

A: "I'd definitely go for Mikey's pace - he's rapid! To go with that I'd say Liam Craig's left foot, that would be nice as well!"

(Question from Duncan Nimmo on Facebook) Q: How does it feel to have a song about you?

A: "It's quite strange having people sing your name at first to be honest! I like it though and the song is class."

(Question from Scott Fraser on Facebook) Q: Which side of the game do you prefer more? The defensive midfield role or the more attack-minded role?

A: "I wouldn't say I have preference I love doing both but of course it's always enjoyable when you're getting forward and chipping in with goals."


Mark Raine (@MarkRaine12) asked on Twitter, Q: What advice would you give young Saints Academy players at the moment?

A: "At the moment all they can do is keep practising at home or in the garden as much as possible.

"When things get back to normal just make sure they try to learn everyday and enjoy themselves."

(Question from @@BrianMa56302574 on Twitter) Q: Do you think playing with Stranraer FC last season has improved you as a player?

A: "Definitely! The competitiveness and regular game time was massive for me. I came back a better player in the summer and I owe Stranraer a lot for the opportunity."

(Question from @Samuel_SJFC on Twitter) Q: Who was your inspiration growing up?

A: "When I was growing up watching football the best team in the world was Barcelona.

"Watching Xavi and Iniesta pop the ball about was incredible so I'd say they were both my inspiration."

(Question from @jamesiemack on Twitter) Q: Which Saints player did you look up to when you were working your way through the youth set up?

A: "Watching Saints while I was growing up coming through the Academy it was always Muz, Liam Craig and Midgey in the midfield so I'd say I looked up to all three of them."


Ross Polson on Instagram put the same question to Ali as was asked to Cal last week, Q: Messi or Ronaldo?

A: "Messi all day! He just makes it all look so easy..."

(Question from Joe Crook on Instagram) Q: Does pineapple have any business being on a pizza?

A: "Absolutely not!"

(Question from James Bagwell on Instagram) Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

A: "That's a tough one to think of! When I was a kid at school I was trying to climb over a fence and my trousers completely ripped! I spent all day hiding the massive tear down the back."

And finally... Tom Rhodes on Facebook asked, Q: Where's your favourite place to holiday?

A: "I've been to Cyprus a few times when I was younger and I really enjoyed it there and also Marbella which is where I went in the summer and it was great!"

A big thank you to all the supporters who submitted questions for Ali - we'll have more players for you to question in the coming days and weeks!