open the curtains, inhale the birdsong
 it’s Game Day,

Saturday’s have always been fitba’ days
 we’ve had a break, an international break
 but here it comes again,
 bubbling up at the back of your eyes
 folded into the plastic sleeve,
 next to your season ticket
 tucked behind the clock ,
 puzzled by your lack of attention
 hidden behind the list for the Big Shop,
 which will need to wait until Sunday
 because Saturday’s are fitba days
 but wait, there’s live games on Sunday telly
 and Monday Night Football, then
 Champions League on Tuesday, Wednesday,
 UEFA Thursday the last 16’s on and on
 and oh, aye the Friday night game
 but there’s always Click and Collect
 because Saturday’s are fitba days
 and anyway the Take Away does home delivery
 or maybe something out the freezer
 until after the Euros, before pre-season because
 you know what I think about Saturdays