(Reflections on achieving a Top Six finish – Season 15/16)

I went to Kilmarnock today.

I wore my scarf, the tartan one

frayed, loyal and a veteran.

The one you go to on such days

and I wore the blue jacket,

the one I wore to The Final.

I went to buy a Killie Pie

and found three slithers

of blue and white confetti,

in the corner of the Final jacket;

the stuff they blast from cannons

when your team lifts a cup

and the steward said "you'll need

more than confetti today".

He was a good guy,

so I smiled and ate my pie.

I didn't need the luck,

it was some day, trust me

I'll never forget it.

I never do but when he saw me

after the game, he asked

"what are you doing next weekend?"

I smiled, rubbed the slithers

of blue and white safely

in my Final jacket, and

tucked my scarf inside.

I am doing the Top Six

The confetti told me.

I told him so.