(Written to mark the trip to Elgin, and a wee tribute to Jim Weir)


there’s always someone to buy a beer

for you

to reminisce of


there’s always someone to listen 

to your story of

the time when -  aye, mind when?

there’s always someone to spoil the

the taste

to know a better story,

there’s always a queue of folk with

degrees in one-upmanship

and there are always those

like Jim Weir smiling above them

and saying in a legend sort of way

‘Thanks but I’m no’ dead yet,

there’s still  juice in the tank.’

only legends, can accept and reject

the praise, still be worthy, still

make you feel good, whilst wearing

another teams colours

there’s always a day when you’re close

to a Legend, and maybe not know it

but on Saturday, at Elgin you’ll know

just don’t get too close, he’ll bite

your arse, when the ref’s no’ lookin’

aye, mind when? there’s always

someone to buy a beer for,

to reminisce for