(Written to celebrate Stevie Anderson’s Club appearance record – 362)

Nowhere near the end of the road.

Nowhere near the end of the book

is Chapter 362. What have we learned

from his story, of the journey he took?

To reach this summit, a trig point

with a brass plaque, a polished top

engraved with arrows pointing out

to peaks he’s climbed, not to stop

and admire the view, take in the air

to rest, climb down, but to move on up

and onwards, through the clouds

writing more history, another Cup

to lift? To light the faces of happy fans

tears of the loyal, a chorus of respect

‘Who put the ball in United’s net?’

Using the word Legend, we genuflect

to the jersey, his jersey, number six

our jersey of blue, embracing us.

It binds the chapters of his past

into our stories. He’ll hate the fuss.

A steel of quiet determination. Ando.

A dying tradition of One Club loyalty.

In ripples of praise, he’ll smile softly

hiding a core of granite, the gravity

of his achievement, for another day

basking in the sun, the drought of cheers

not yet thought of, for blank pages await

before Ando can sup the age of beers.

Nowhere near the end of the road.

Nowhere near the end of the story

is Chapter 362 in the Book of Ando,

the quiet man of humblest glory.