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Saints Visit St John’s RC Academy

Tuesday 7th November

Saints players Alan Mannus, David Wotherspoon, Stefan Scougall and Steven MacLean visited St John’s Primary School in Perth last Monday. An assembly with P3-P7 pupils was held as the focus of the day was sportsmanship followed by a discussion about achievement and being a professional athlete.

St John’s Depute Headteacher Joanne Philp said “Thanks to Megan from St Johnstone FC who came along to one of our primary assemblies this term with some of the first team squad. They focussed on ‘achievement’, as this is one of our school values, and the players shared with us the hard work, commitment and dedication it took for them to achieve their goal of becoming professional footballers. Megan also spoke to us about fair play and good sportsmanship, whether we are a player or a supporter of any sporting team!”


The players high five the classes as they leave the assembly hall

Saints striker Steven MacLean noted “It was good to see they were all excited to see us and keen to ask lots of questions and hopefully they learned a few things from us.”

Midfielder David Wotherspoon added “The school trip was a great success, we were able to go along and give some young pupils advice and an insight into our lives. The pupils were very polite and behaved very well during our time there. It’s important to both pupils and ourselves in these situations as it’s a chance for us to contribute to others futures. It was also a chance for some pupils to meet people in a sporting profession and for them to learn about the rights and wrongs in sport.”



One P4 class stayed behind for group photos

Goalkeeper Alan Mannus also expressed similar sentiment hoping to rally support at the upcoming games “We had a lot of fun visiting the school and I think the kids all enjoyed it as wel

l. They all showed a lot of enthusiasm in the question and answers and they learned about important aspects such as sportsmanship and respect. Hopefully we will see a lot of them at our upcoming games.”