Supporters Charter


St Johnstone Football Club:

1.1 consults supporters on a regular basis through whatever 'collective groups' may be available e.g., supporters’ clubs, shareholders, Fans Forum etc.

1.2 publicises its position on major policy issues in an easily digested format in the Club programme, through the website, social media, and other available mediums.

1.3 has and continues to develop ways to consult with shareholders, sponsors, the local authority, and other interested parties.

1.4 gives the earliest possible notice of any changes to its ticketing policy and the reasons for the changes.

1.5 undertakes research on the design and number of new strips.

1.6 will not knowingly buy goods from any supplier or manufacturer who does not comply fully with the labour, safety, and other relevant laws of the countries of manufacture with respect to minimum wages, hours of work, overtime, sick pay and holiday entitlement. St Johnstone FC opposes the exploitation of child labour. No orders will be placed with suppliers employing child labour under the age allowed in the country concerned. Legitimate apprenticeships or education related work are acceptable as long as there is no risk to the children’s health or safety. Suppliers must not use forced labour and must practice universal respect for human rights and freedom for all, without discrimination because of race, sex, language, or religion.

2.1 St Johnstone FC continues to strive for wider access to matches by offering:

2.1.1 a broad range of ticket prices. (Supporters buying more expensive seats or packages enable us to charge others less for their tickets).

2.1.2 at least 20% of tickets to each game to non-season ticket holders.

2.1.3 A minimum of 25% reduction on match day ticket prices for under 20s and over 65s. A 30% reduction on Season Tickets for over 65s.  Free entry for Supporters aged 12 and under regardless of whether they are home or visiting support (NB-at some matches where demand for visiting support tickets is high, such free entry to visiting supporters aged 12 and under will be limited to a maximum of 200).

2.1.4 so far as is reasonably practicable, an area of the ground for the use of family groups when the club is in the SPFL Premiership.

2.1.5 an area of the ground (in the lowest price band) for accompanied children aged 12 and under. Where practicable, free entry for accompanied Under 12s is a cornerstone of the club's current admission policy.

2.1.6 support for disabled supporters and their personal assistants. Details of our disabled facilities on 01738 455000 between 9.30am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday or by emailing  The Access Statement detailing disabled access facilities and procedures is available on our website here.  

2.1.7 In the event of postponement/abandonment/cancellation of a match, you may be entitled to a refund (in full or in part, depending on the circumstances) of the purchase price of the ticket.  Please contact St Johnstone Football Club for details.

In the event of the abandonment of the match before half-time, the retained portion of the ticket will provide admittance to the re-arranged fixture.  In the event that the match to which this ticket permits admittance being postponed for any reason, the retained portion of the ticket will be valid for the re-arranged game. Where no ticket exists, the club shall issue vouchers to supporters which can be redeemed as advertised.

2.2 Whilst an instalment facility is available for season tickets, a transaction charge may be incurred by those paying by credit card.

2.3 Tickets for Cup matches – in the event that Season Tickets are not eligible for Cup games, Season Ticket Holders will, as far is practical, be given first opportunity to purchase a ticket for their individual seat(s) prior to tickets being made available for general sale. (This is in the event of an “all ticket” game only). However, there may be the occasional match (eg a cup replay) where time does not allow for this to happen.

2.4 The Club abides by the rules of football’s governing bodies relating to the allocation of tickets to visiting club supporters.

3.1 St Johnstone FC supporters are allocated tickets for away League/cup matches as follows: for the sale of away tickets, priority is given to Executive Members and Season Ticket Holders. In the event that tickets still remain available, these will go on general sale. The home club determines the cost of these tickets.  St Johnstone Football Club, however, reserves the right to amend this practice as circumstances and timescales dictate.  The above priority schedule does not apply where the home club are in control of all ticket sales (i.e. an online process).

3.2 St Johnstone FC does not charge admission prices to supporters of a visiting
club which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable

Whilst being a Season Ticket Holder does not guarantee the availability of tickets, it does give priority to order tickets for home games (one ticket per member). There may be occasions when tight timeframes (e.g., cup replays) prevent the Club from offering a preferential service to Season Ticket holders. Also, where supply of tickets is expected to significantly outstrip demand, the Club may choose to go with an 'open sale' from Day One.

Season Ticket holders can gain free admission to youth matches played at McDiarmid Park on production of their Season Ticket.

4.3. The Club undertakes to provide or subcontract an appropriate catering service at each of the Club’s first team games and, where possible, at youth team games played in the main stadium.

5.1 St Johnstone FC, through its Community Trust where appropriate:
5.1.1 is totally committed to supporting football at grass roots level through football-based activities and educational initiatives.

5.1.2 seeks to promote close links between the Club and its community and to introduce young people, male and female, to football as players and spectators.

5.1.3 offers an extensive coaching service to schools during curriculum time

5.1.4 continues to develop the provision of football opportunities for girls and women’s football

5.1.5 will support and work with outside agencies, particularly disadvantaged groups (disabled, ethnic minorities, and unemployed)

5.1.6 supports the SFA Community Scheme educational initiative with the Local Authority

5.2. All youngsters who attend any Club activity will be provided with the same standards of professional tuition irrespective of ability, age, sex, or background.  The Club undertakes to ensure that all activity supervisors are fully vetted.

St Johnstone FC state that:

6.1 they will endeavour to ensure that both home and away kits have a minimum
lifespan of one season and a maximum lifespan of two seasons. Training kit will be changed annually.
The above is subject to change in the event of a new club and or equipment sponsor.

6.2 details of the next intended change of kits are available from McDiarmid Park.

7.1 All club members, supporters and all applicants for employment will be regarded equally and be given equal opportunities in all aspects of contact irrespective of their race, colour, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or ethnic origin.

St Johnstone FC:

8.1.1 will strive to provide value for money in all areas of its business.

8.1.2 will seek to achieve the highest level of service.

8.1.3 will treat all customers with respect and courtesy.

8.2 St Johnstone FC prefers all complaints to be made in writing by email or letter and will respond in like form. In the first instance we would encourage customers to contact the club with their query.  Your communication will be passed on to the relevant department and our aim is to acknowledge any letter of complaint within 3 working days of receipt.  We will endeavour to provide a full response within 10 days.

8.3 If your complaint has not been handled promptly and efficiently by the department concerned then recourse is again in writing to the Chief Executive Officer Stan Harris.

Contact details are as follows:
St Johnstone FC, McDiarmid Park
Crieff Road, Perth, PH1 2SJ
Telephone number: 01738 459090

The Club has published policies in respect of the following:

10.1 Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy

10.2 Environmental Policy

10.3 Matchday Safety Policy

10.4 Disability Policy and Access Statement

Written copies of the above policies are available on request. This Supporters' Charter was updated and is correct as of September 2023.