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Under The General Data Protection Regulations (valid from 25th May 2018) St Johnstone Football Club is required to ensure the correct, safe and secure management of the information it collects during all aspects of the performance of its business.

The Club's Data Protection Policy

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The Club's Data Breach Policy

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this topic please email dataprotection@perthsaints.co.uk

Show Racism the Red Card

The Club fully endorses the aims of Show Racism the Red Card.

Show Racism the Red Card is part of the FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) network.

Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racist charity which was established in January 1996 with the aim of using Professional footballers as anti-racist role models. Although racism is on the decline in professional football, it is unfortunately on the increase in British and indeed European society. The aim of the campaign is to combat racism through anti-racist education and professional footballers are showing the way in terms of making a stand and fighting racism.

Show Racism the Red Card website

Kick Out Bigotry

The Club is pleased to have signed the Pledge and supports the aims of the Kick Out Bigotry campaign.

Kick-out Bigotry is Scottish football’s united anti-sectarianism campaign

The Kick-out Bigotry campaign is co-ordinated by the Football for All charity.

The campaign aims to:

Tackle religious bigotry and sectarian attitudes and behaviour in, and associated with, Scottish football
Assist and empower football supporters' organisations to tackle religious bigotry 
Work with football players, clubs, authorities and others to eradicate sectarianism
Co-ordinate inclusive Kick-out Bigotry football events
Deliver inclusive Kick-out Bigotry educational initiatives

Taking Action to Prevent and Address Instances of Unacceptable Behaviour

As a Club, we take our responsibilities very seriously in respect of issues of unacceptable conduct, whether within or outside of our stadium and there are numerous measures which are in place to prevent such conduct.

On an ongoing basis, these include:

Meetings  with Police Scotland, G4S Security, St Johnstone FC's Safety Officer and Club Personnel prior to every game at McDiarmid Park
There is a protocol in place between the Club and Police Scotland which includes a “sharing of information”.
Ensuring that there are sufficient police and stewards in attendance at each game.
A CCTV system.
Matchday programme – messages are inserted which relate to behaviour of spectators, seating policy, smoking policy, racist chanting, etc and the likely action to be taken by the Club should spectators fail to abide by the Club’s rules and Safety Certificate.    The SPFL charter on Unacceptable Conduct is prominently displayed inside each turnstile.
“All ticket” games – conditions of entry are printed on the reverse of each ticket and these include reference to the Criminal Law (Consolidated) (Scotland) Act 1995.
Ground Regulations are on display outside each turnstile.
Tannoy announcements are made prior to each first team fixture regarding unacceptable behaviour.
The Club has been actively involved in “Show Racism the Red Card”and also with selected schools from our area being invited to McDiarmid Park for a “question and answer” session with our players (annually).  In addition, in conjunction with “Show Racism the   Red Card” and Perth & Kinross Council, the Club visits primary schools in our area to promote anti racism.
Trackside advertising board – Show Racism the Red Card.
Working with Police/Stewards to identify offending “supporters” (ongoing)
Information provided to the Club by Police/Stewards re ejections/arrests for action to be taken.
The Club shall take whatever means necessary to ensure that those who are proven to have caused disruption, broken ground regulations or in any way behaved in an unacceptable manner are banned from McDiarmid Park for a period to be determiend at the time of the instruction and this is separate from any Football Banning Order imposed by the Courts.
Scottish Professional Football League Unacceptable Conduct


The Scottish Professional Football League has instigated an initiative on Unacceptable Conduct.

This initiative makes it the responsibility of the Club at both home and away games regarding the conduct of their supporters.

St Johnstone Football Club will not tolerate unacceptable conduct at McDiarmid Park or at any other stadium.

Unacceptable conduct is conduct which is violent or disorderly.  Violent conduct includes any actual, attempted or threatened physical violence against any person, or intentional damage to property.

Disorderly conduct includes:

Conduct which stirs up or sustains, or is likely or is designed to stir up or sustain, hatred or ill will against or towards individuals or groups of people because of:  colour, race, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origin; membership, or presumed membership, of  a religious group or of a social cultural group with perceived religious affiliation; sexual orientation, transgender identity; disability; using threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct; displaying writing or any other things which is threatening, abusive or insulting.

This list is not exhaustive and must be read in conjunction with the Stadium Regulations.  Upon determining that a breach of, or failure to fulfil the rules has been established, a number of options are available to the SPFL, three of which are:  give a reprimand to the club; impose a fine on the club; impose a deduction of points.

Any person engaging in unacceptable conduct may be subject to any or a combination of the following:  removal from the stadium, suspension from attending official matches involving St Johnstone Football Club; indefinite ban from attending official matches involving St Johnstone Football Club; report to the Police and possible criminal proceedings.



The Youth Academy activities for players aged between 10 and 17 is of huge importance to the club but as well as the results it generates in terms of players, it is of vital importance to the club that the Academy is run properly by appropriate people. We have a good reputation in this regard but a Child Wellbeing and Protection policy exists for the safety and protection of all parties.

The current policy can be accessed here and can also be requested from the club.

The Club's Safeguarding Officer is David Graham and he can be contacted on 07752 104084 or via email at safeguarder@perthsaints.co.uk.    



We do not respond to conjecture, rumours, printed articles, internet pages, social media sites, message boards etc.. Firstly, we do not have the resource to do this professionally and secondly we find that retractions serve little purpose. We will continue to issue press releases when there is something to report and of course we will update the official website and social media pages with relevant information. Although we understanding the frustration this may cause , our priority will always be to look after the best interests of the club.



Under Scottish Football Association licensing requirements, it is required of the club to have a match day safety policy, updated, annually, outlining the basic organisational plans around matters such stewarding, policing, medical facilities and stadium structural safety.

This policy for Season 2019/20 is available to view here.



The club is required, under Scottish FA and UEFA Licensing, to make public it’s annual accounts.  The accounts for Financial Year ended 31st May 2019 can be found HERE.